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The flow regime is regarded by many aquatic ecologists to be the key driver of river and floodplain wetland ecosystems. We have focused this literature review around four key principles to highlight the important mechanisms that link hydrology and aquatic biodiversity and to illustrate the consequent impacts of altered flow regimes: Firstly, flow is a major determinant of physical habitat in streams, which in turn is a major determinant of biotic composition; Secondly, aquatic species have evolved life history strategies primarily in direct response to the natural flow regimes; Thirdly, maintenance of natural patterns of longitudinal and lateral connectivity is essential to the viability of populations of many riverine species; Finally, the invasion and success of exotic and introduced species in rivers is facilitated by the alteration of flow regimes. The impacts of flow change are manifest across broad taxonomic groups including riverine plants, invertebrates, and fish. Despite growing recognition of these relationships, ecologists still struggle to predict and quantify biotic responses to altered flow regimes. One obvious difficulty is the ability to distinguish the direct effects of modified flow regimes from impacts associated with land-use change that often accompanies water resource development. Currently, evidence about how rivers function in relation to flow regime and the flows that aquatic organisms need exists largely as a series of untested hypotheses. To overcome these problems, aquatic science needs to move quickly into a manipulative or experimental phase, preferably with the aims of restoration and measuring ecosystem response.  相似文献
Protected Area (PA) management is a complex issue that requires the consideration of many factors and relationships. A conceptual framework for the analysis of biodiversity change, local human communities, and PA management was put forward, accordingly. Under the framework, we investigated the economic status, livelihood activities, biodiversity use and perceptions of local communities, and the land use history in Wolong Biosphere Reserve, southwestern China through household survey and document review in order to gain a better understanding of the complexity of PA management. According to the land use history, the preservation of agro-biodiversity, and the raising of productivity, ecological rehabilitation and the regulation of the human pressures are indispensable in the management of the reserve. Livelihood activities and the perceptions of local communities were largely determined by the socioeconomic background, which has important implications in solving the conflicts or incompatibilities in the reserve. In Wolong Biosphere Reserve, it is beneficial to support local farmers in solving their socioeconomic problems such as the overabundance of labor force and the lack of livelihood alternatives. Without this, there will be scarcely any effective biodiversity conservation and successful reserve management in the long term.  相似文献
200 years of sustainability in forestry: Lessons from history   总被引:4,自引:0,他引:4  
Since the end of the 1980s the concept of sustainable development has gained general acceptance, but much uncertainty still exists on how to operationalize this concept. In forestry the concept of sustainability has been an accepted principle since the 18th century. The experiences with its application in forestry may contribute towards obtaining a better insight into the implications and operational significance of the concept of sustainability. This article describes the history of sustainability in forestry, including the various social values on which its interpretation has been based. The original principle of sustained yield has gradually been broadened to a more inclusive principle of sustainable forest management. The dynamics in social valuation of forest resources resulted in various attempts at practical operationalization of the principle. Notwithstanding 200 years of efforts to operationalize the concept of sustainability, its exact application in forestry remains troublesome. Three lessons are drawn: (1) the need to recognize the different nature of ecological limits and social dynamics, (2) the role of dynamic social values with respect to forest resources, and (3) the significance of operational experiences in trying to attain sustainability within a concrete context.  相似文献
中国改革开放的40年也是生态环境保护管理体制不断改革和飞跃的40年。自1972年开展生态环境保护工作起,围绕着解决不同发展阶段突出环境问题的需要,每10年左右实现一次环境管理体制改革"大跨跃",不断改革、创新和发展了具有中国特色的生态环境保护治理体系与模式。坚持在发展中解决环境问题,以改善生态环境质量为核心,逐步构建了符合不同发展阶段特征的生态环境保护管理体系,包括完备的生态环境规划政策体系、完善的生态环境治理体系、完整的生态环境保护法律体系。在新时代中国特色社会主义建设过程中,应瞄准建设美丽中国的战略目标,立足中国、放眼世界,坚持绿色发展,做好顶层设计,构建生态环境管理体系新格局,共建清洁美丽世界。  相似文献
中国环评制度的发展历程及展望   总被引:4,自引:2,他引:2       下载免费PDF全文
环评制度作为中国知名度最高的环境管理手段之一,在环保工作中发挥了重要作用,但近年来也暴露出众多问题,广为社会关注。特别是十八大以来,关于环评改革的呼声日益高涨。本文系统回顾了环境影响评价制度在中国的发展历程,以环评重大事件为分水岭,首次将环评发展历程划分为成长期、发展期、壮大期和问题高发期。以此为基础,总结了当前环评制度的主要问题,并剖析了其深层次原因,包括制度设计失当、体系运行失效、公众意识觉醒等,最后针对这些问题为环评制度的优化与发展提出了建议。  相似文献
Resource management as a key factor for sustainable urban planning   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
Due to fast urbanization and increasing living standards, the environmental sustainability of our global society becomes more and more questionable. In this historical review we investigate the role of resources management (RM) and urban planning (UP) and propose ways for integration in sustainable development (SD). RM follows the principle of circular causation, and we reflect on to what extent RM has been an element for urban planning. Since the existence of the first settlements, a close relationship between RM, urbanization and technological development has been present. RM followed the demand for urban resources like water, energy, and food. In history, RM has been fostered by innovation and technology developments and has driven population growth and urbanization. Recent massive resource demand, especially in relation to energy and material flows, has altered natural ecosystems and has resulted in environmental degradation. UP has developed separately in response to different questions. UP followed the demand for improved living conditions, often associated to safety, good manufacturing and trading conditions and appropriate sanitation and waste management. In history UP has been a developing research area, especially since the industrial era and the related strong urbanization at the end of the 18th century. UP responded to new emerging problems in urban areas and became increasingly complex. Nowadays, UP has to address many objectives that are often conflicting, including, the urban sustainability. Our current urban un-sustainability is rooted in massive resource consumption and waste production beyond natural limits, and the absence of flows from waste to resources. Therefore, sustainable urban development requires integration of RM into UP. We propose new ways to this integration.  相似文献
浅谈音乐与体育之缘   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
音乐与体育作为人类社会独特的文化现象,在不同时期以各种形式相互融合,共同构成人类自身情感的表达方式,成为“世界语言”。现代社会,音乐以其特有的审美、教育、娱乐功能对社会的进步和发展起着积极的作用。尤其是音乐与现代奥运会结合,传承了奥林匹克精神,扩大奥运会的影响,展示了民族的文化,让我们真实地感受到一种前所未有的改变世界的力量。  相似文献
This study integrated aerial photographs from 1952, 1981, and 1998, and a satellite image from 2000 with oral histories and socioeconomic surveys to assess changes in forest and land cover in Ang Nhai village, Laos. The study documents the history of resource use and changes in household access to resources in the village. Three distinctive trends were observed in terms of forest and land cover—forest degradation, deforestation, and regeneration. Project results suggest that land and forest cover change dynamically under different circumstances. The case study also points out that integration into the market economy can induce intensification of unused lowland areas, while removing pressures from upland areas previously used for supplementing agricultural production. In addition, the creation of a national reserve forest to restrict local access and forest use was an ineffective tool for regulating encroachment and logging activities.  相似文献
日本的环境保护   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
李涛 《四川环境》1994,13(1):11-14
本文介绍了日本的环境污染与环境保护发展概况,阐述了各发展阶段的特征和所采取的环境保护政策,措施及成功的经验,扼要地探讨了我国与日本在环境保护方面在的差距及其原因。  相似文献
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