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The study was carried out to assess the levels of pesticide residues in the water of Meiliangwan Bay, Taihu Lake of China. The most commonly employed organochlorine pesticides (OCPs), organophosphorus pesticides (OPPs) and herbicide atrazine were analyzed. The water samples were collected seasonally from Meiliangwan Bay within a period of one year. The pesticides were analyzed by gas chromatography (GC) with μECD or NPD after solid-phase extraction (SPE), which was confirmed by GC with an ion trap mass spectrometry (MS). The mean concentrations were 1.98 ng/l for lindane, 0.378 ng/l for heptachlor epoxide, 0.367 ng/l for p,p′-DDE, 0.496 ng/l for p,p′-DDD, 1.06 ng/l for p,p′-DDT and 51.6 ng/l for dichlorvos, 39.0 ng/l for demeton, 346 ng/l for dimethoate, 4.12 ng/l for methyl parathion, 11.6 ng/l for malathion, 2.17 ng/l for parathion and 217 ng/l for atrazine. Generally, low concentrations of OCP were found, whereas the concentrations of the OPPs and atrazine in the water of Taihu Lake were relatively high. Heptachlor epoxide and lindane were the two most commonly encountered OCPs while dichlorvos, demeton and dimethoate were found to have much higher concentrations and occurrences than other OPPs.  相似文献
建立了液-液萃取-气相色谱/质谱联用仪测定环境水体中痕量酚类化合物的方法。用乙酸乙酯萃取环境水中的痕量酚类化合物,加入萘-d8作为内标,利用气相色谱-质谱联用仪选择离子监测(SIM)的方式进行检测,内标法定量,定性、定量准确,线性响应良好,回归曲线的相关系数均>0.999,平均回收率在89.4%~104%之间,精密度好,相对标准偏差<7.4%;抗干扰能力强,检测灵敏度高,水样中最低检测浓度可达0.001mg/L,经实际样品测定完全能满足环境水体中痕量酚类化合物监测的要求。  相似文献
气相色谱-质谱法表征炼油厂外排废水中的有机组分   总被引:6,自引:0,他引:6  
将水中的有机组分划分为悬浮性有机物(SOC)、溶解性可吸附有机物(EOC)及溶解性不可吸附有机物(NEOC)三类.分别用G3型耐酸滤过漏斗及GDX-502树脂分离和富集了某炼油厂生化处理外排废水中的SOC及EOC,漏斗滤出的和GDX-502树脂富集的有机物分别用二氯甲烷洗脱和Soxhlet提取,提取物经干燥、浓缩后,用GC/MS进行分析.结果表明该废水TOC为27.4mg/L,SOC、EOC及NEOC分别占44.5%、28.1%及27.4%.SOC中共鉴定出有机组分44种,包括正构烷烃21种、异构烷烃15种、烯烃6种及环烷烃2种,其中Ci5-C28正构烷烃的含量相对较高;EOC中共鉴定出有机组分78种,包括脂肪烃18种、芳烃12种、苯酚类10种、吡啶类7种、醇6种、酮10种、醛2种、酞酸酯3种及其它化合物10种,其中苯酚类、邻苯二甲酸正丁酯及1-甲基环己醇含量相对较高.  相似文献
加速溶剂萃取/气相色谱-质谱法测定小麦中多环芳烃   总被引:3,自引:0,他引:3  
建立了小麦中8种多环芳烃的分析方法。样品通过加速溶剂萃取,经全自动在线凝胶渗透色谱-浓缩联用系统和硅胶柱净化,最后用GC-MS测定。实验中优化了加速溶剂萃取条件和凝胶渗透色谱净化条件。结果表明,在120℃用正己烷-丙酮(V ∶ V=1 ∶ 1)提取8min,萃取3次的提取效果最好,1000~1800s是凝胶渗透色谱净化的最佳收集时间段。方法的样品加标回收率和相对标准偏差分别为70.6%~117.7%、5.42%~16.6%。多环芳烃的方法检测限在0.11~0.9μg/kg之间。用该方法测得小麦样品中8种PAHs含量在7.6~495.2μg/kg之间。  相似文献
采用分散液液微萃取与气相色谱/质谱法联用技术建立了测定水样中四乙基铅的方法。考察了影响分散液液微萃取的因素,包括萃取溶剂、分散剂、萃取次数、萃取时间和盐效应等。在最佳条件下,四乙基铅的富集倍数为330倍,检出限为0.01μg/L(S/N=3),线性范围为0.10~10.0μg/L,线性相关系数为0. 9992。测定饮用水源水中的四乙基铅,加标回收率为87.7%~105%,相对标准偏差为4.8%~7.3%(n=3)。  相似文献
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) have been reported in air, surface waters, suspended sediments, soil, sediment, fish, marine mammals, and bird eggs throughout Canada, from the St. Lawrence Estuary to the Strait of Georgia and the northernmost reaches of the Canadian Arctic. Canadian scientists have detected the presence of PBDEs in breast milk in every Canadian province. In fact, recent data on temporal trends strongly suggests that the concentrations of PBDEs are on the rise in the Canadian environment. These findings are similar to those reported in other nordic countries, and have prompted several countries to implement environmental monitoring programs. Among the key challenges currently facing Canada and other countries concerns how best to measure these chemicals in different matrices. In this paper, several analytical methods cited in the scientific literature for determining PBDE concentrations in different abiotic and biological matrices are reviewed. The critical criteria required for accurate determination of PBDEs in complex environmental matrices are discussed, including instrument sensitivity, reliability, potential interference's and the need for specialized instrumentation for the determination of compounds up to 975 Daltons. While a single analytical method that meets these and other criteria has not yet been perfected by scientists, GC/HRMS-based methods amenable to isotope dilution techniques warrant further refinement, and likely represent the best tools for future environmental monitoring programs.  相似文献
The aim of this study is to evaluate extensively the characterization and identification of major pollutant parameters by paying attention to the organic chemical pollution for unregulated dumping site leachate in Eskişehir/Turkey. The study that is first and only one research has been very important data related with before new sanitary landfill site in Eskişehir city. For this purpose, in this study leachate samples were collected in-situ at monthly interval for a period of 8 months. Firstly, thirty three physicochemical parameters were monitored. Secondly, SPME technique was used for identification of organic pollutants. Meteorological data were also recorded for the same sampling period to correlate meteorological data and physicochemical parameters. Mean values are used in the correlation analysis. Correlation is shown only for the relationship between air temperature and NO3 . No correlation has been found between rain and leachate quality parameters since the amount of rain was very low during the sampling period. However, analysis results were generally decreased in winter season when each parameter and each sampling point are examined separately. According to correlation between every parameter, especially solid content and dissolved oxygen concentration of leachate is affecting to other parameters. Also, sodium and potassium are changing proportionally with same parameters (suspended solids, fixed solids, dissolved oxygen) and high correlation between chloride and heavy metal concentration is showing. The results were statistically evaluated by use of SPSS 10.0 program. Second part of the study, the leachate was extracted by Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) technique and then analyzed. Of the methodologies tested in this study, the best one selected was based on 100 μ m polydimethylsiloxane coated fiber (PDMS), headspace with heating (Δ HS) sampling mode and an extraction time of 15 min. at a temperature of 50 o C. Thirty three organic compounds in leachate were identified by GC/MS.  相似文献
植物油烟组分的色质联机分析   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
将植物油烟采集在玻璃纤维滤筒中 ,用环己烷处理样品 ,样品经过净化处理 ,然后进行色质联机分析。对油烟化学成分的分析有助于人们研究油烟对人体健康的影响  相似文献
地表水中SVOCs和氨基甲酸酯类农药同步萃取技术的探讨   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
采用大体积固相萃取富集地表水中SVOCs和氨基甲酸酯类农药,再以气相色谱-质谱和超高效液相色谱-串联质谱联用对目标物定性定量。通过优化固相萃取条件,使SVOCs在0.500 mg/L~10.0 mg/L之间,氨基甲酸酯类农药在1.00 μg/L~100 μg/L之间线性良好,方法检出限为0.002 μg/L~0.009 μg/L,加标回收率分别为70.5%~105%和78.5%~124%。用该方法测定某流域地表水,结果邻苯二甲酸酯类物质、多环芳烃类、酚类、硝基苯环类化合物等SVOCs,以及克百威、仲丁威等氨基甲酸酯类农药检出。  相似文献
建立了生物介质内22种多溴联苯(PBBs)和27种多溴联苯醚(PBDEs)的净化和分析方法。通过分析不同时间段凝胶渗透色谱(GPC)洗脱液中49种化合物含量,得出不同化合物凝胶色谱洗脱曲线。样品经过凝胶渗透色谱-混合硅胶柱净化后,再使用GC-(NCI)/MS对样品进行检测。实验结果表明,PBBs和PBDEs检出限分别为0.02~0.88 pg/g和0.01~74.00 pg/g。对实验过程进行验证发现,样品不同浓度加标回收率为80% ~120%,相对标准偏差小于20%。该方法具有良好的净化效果、准确度和精密度,拥有良好的线性范围及检出限,满足生物介质中溴代阻燃剂的检测分析实际要求。  相似文献
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