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根据珠江三角洲空气污染特征.将,SO2、NO2、PM10、O3四项参数作为评价指标,对建立区域空气质量指数(Regional Air Quality Index,RAQI)~型及区域空气质量分级方法,以及开展区域空气质量信息发布的空间表征技术进行了研究,以便直观有效地反映珠江三角洲区域空气质量状况.  相似文献
The Pearl River Delta Economic Zone is one of the most developed regions in China. It has been undergoing a rapid urbanization since the reformation and opening of China in 1978. This process plays a significant impact on the urban environment, particularly river water quality. The main goal of this present study is to assess the impact of urban activities especially urbanization on river water quality for the study area. Some Landsat TM images from 2000 were used to map the areas for different pollution levels of urban river sections for the study area. In addition, an improved equalized synthetic pollution index method was utilized to assess the field analytical results. The results indicate that there is a positive correlation between the rapidity of urbanization and the pollution levels of urban river water. Compared to the rural river water, urban river water was polluted more seriously. During the urban development process, urbanization and urban activities had a significant negative impact on the river water quality.  相似文献
Land use/land cover (LULC) has a profound impact on economy, society and environment, especially in rapid developing areas. Rapid and prompt monitoring and predicting of LULC’s change are crucial and significant. Currently, integration of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) methods is one of the most important methods for detecting LULC’s change, which includes image processing (such as geometrical-rectifying, supervised-classification, etc.), change detection (post-classification), GIS-based spatial analysis, Markov chain and a Cellular Automata (CA) models, etc. The core corridor of Pearl River Delta was selected for studying LULC’s change in this paper by using the above methods for the reason that the area contributed 78.31% (1998)–81.4% (2003) of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to the whole Pearl River Delta (PRD). The temporal and spatial LULC’s changes from 1998 to 2003 were detected by RS data. At the same time, urban expansion levels in the next 5 and 10 years were predicted temporally and spatially by using Markov chain and a simple Cellular Automata model respectively. Finally, urban expansion and farmland loss were discussed against the background of China’s urban expansion and cropland loss during 1990–2000. The result showed: (1) the rate of urban expansion was up to 8.91% during 1998–2003 from 169,078.32 to 184,146.48 ha; (2) the rate of farmland loss was 5.94% from 312,069.06 to 293,539.95 ha; (3) a lot of farmland converted to urban or development area, and more forest and grass field converted to farmland accordingly; (4) the spatial predicting result of urban expansion showed that urban area was enlarged ulteriorly compared with the previous results, and the directions of expansion is along the existing urban area and transportation lines.  相似文献
基于GIS的珠三角区域空气质量实况发布平台介绍   总被引:1,自引:1,他引:0  
地理信息系统是在计算机软件和硬件支持下,对整个或者部分地球表层空间中的各类地理信息数据进行采集、存储、管理、运算、分析、显示和描述的技术系统。根据中国发布的环境空气质量新标准,提出了基于地理信息系统的区域空气质量实况发布平台的总体设计思路,介绍了这一平台的开发与运行环境、主要功能模块设计和实现方法。该平台已成功应用于珠江三角洲区域。通过广东省环境保护公众网信息平台,实时更新各个站点最新的空气监测数据,为广东开展环境整治工作以及居民日常出行提供参考。  相似文献
本文从珠江三角洲地区酸雨监测数据资料入手,对本地区酸雨状况及其趋势进行探讨,研究结果表明,本地区酸雨依然严重,且广泛存在。  相似文献
China's EIA Law does not require transboundary proposals to be assessed, despite recognition of this globally, for example in the Espoo Convention and Kiev Protocol, and in the European EIA and SEA Directives. In a transboundary context assessment within a state is unusual, as regulating these effects is primarily about the relationship between states. However where a state has more than one legal system such as in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) Region of southern China, transboundary effects should also be addressed. Yet despite the geographical connections between Guangdong Province in mainland China (where the EIA Law applies) and the Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions (which have their own provisions, neither of which requires transboundary assessments), EIA and SEA are carried out separately. Coordinated or joint approaches to transboundary assessment are generally absent, with the legal autonomy of Hong Kong and Macau a major constraint. As a result institutional responses at the policy level have developed. The article considers global experiences with regulating transboundary EIA and SEA, and analyses potential application to land use, transport and air and water planning in the PRD Region. If applied, benefits may include prevention or mitigation of cumulative effects, broader public participation, and improvements to environmental governance. The PRD Region experience may encourage China to conduct and coordinate EIA and SEA processes with neighbouring states, which has been non-existent or extremely limited to date.  相似文献
利用GC-ECD方法测定了珠江三角洲城市群及高海拔地区表层土壤中的有机氯农药。有机氯农药变幅为2.4~78.7 ng/g,平均15.9 ng/g。最高值出现在江门。总HCHs变幅为ND~19.2 ng/g,平均2.91 ng/g, 最高值出现在佛山。总DDTs变幅为ND~74.6 ng/g,平均值为9.91 ng/g。最高值出现在东莞。六氯苯在佛山较高。灭蚁灵在深圳的污染较其它地区严重。总体来说,HCHs污染程度较低,但部分地区有林丹的使用;有些采样点DDTs的污染程度超过了国家土壤环境质量标准的一级自然背景值,且有些区域可能有非三氯杀螨醇的DDTs外源输入。  相似文献
在分析国内外空气质量发布情况的基础上,确定了区域空气质量实况发布的内容与形式,并以此为指导优化了区域空气质量监测网络,创立了网络化质量保证与质量控制体系,建立了发布数据的自动化审核方法与工作流程,开发了区域空气质量空间分析优化算法与集成展示技术,设计、研制了区域空气质量实况发布平台,并创新了实况发布体系运行管理机制,顺利实现了珠三角区域空气质量实况发布。同时对我国空气质量信息发布进行了展望。  相似文献
珠三角地区臭氧(O3)已经逐步取代颗粒物成为主要大气污染物。对新型冠状病毒肺炎(COVID-19)疫情封闭期间珠三角城市背景污染效应(特别是对O3的放大效应)进行了量化研究,发现PM2.5和NO2质量浓度均为工作日高于节假日,非疫情期高于疫情期。O3质量浓度节假日高于工作日,其中疫情期节假日浓度最高。减排会增加低温高湿背景下O3质量浓度,但会降低其极大值,并导致 O3随温度和相对湿度的变化梯度减弱。疫情封闭期间异地输送对于局地O3质量浓度的变化贡献突出。叠加疫情封闭影响的春节假期O3质量浓度比节前工作日增加20.4%~41.7%,与一般年份特征相反,而NO2降低65.3%~75.6%,降低程度强于一般年份。疫情封闭期春节期间O3质量浓度比一般年份上升14.0%~25.9%,而NO2质量浓度降低37.0%~54.5%。低湿晴好的天气为光化学反应提供有利条件,并且疫情封闭扩大了假期人为源减排规模,导致NOx质量浓度进一步下降,使其对O3的滴定效应减弱,同时静稳天气有利于O3浓度的累积,导致局地O3污染被逐步放大。  相似文献
介绍了珠三角区域空气质量预报的"六步法"流程,并对2015年空气质量等级和首要污染物预报准确率进行评估研究。结果表明,2015年珠三角区域空气质量以优良为主,24 h等级预报准确率1月最高2月最低,平均准确率为87.6%;出现的首要污染物种类包括PM2.5,PM10,O3-8 h和NO2,预报准确率9月最高3月最低,平均准确率为72.7%。  相似文献
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